New Program on How To Build a Database Full Of Buyers 

...Even if You Have to Start From Scratch


Dear Friend,


If you want the rare ability to make sales in your business practically every time you send an email to your list, then this program will show you how.

Here's the deal.

In this program I walk you through step by step the proven methods to build a money generating database.


In it I outline what I'm doing for my clients in various markets (and that is a lot)... How I'm building my lists...And how you can apply what I'm doing to your business. Each video, guide, checklist, worksheet, and report is immediately available in a mobile app, for ease of use. This training is designed to...

Make Your Business

Lots of New Sales

The Same Day

You Use Them!


That's my goal for you.


I have designed things so that after you have watched or listened to some training you can immediately implement the strategy in your business and make the investment in this training back in spades. And then (as long as you keep building a quality list that I train you to do) keep making new sales practically every time you send an email out.




Along with this training you also get some valuable fill in the blank templates

The Complete Fill in the Blank Template Kit

These templates are copies of my most successful resources that I use in my business and a host of my clients. I have refined them over the years so that what I am offering you now are the most profitable ones. 


As such, all you will have to do is fill in the blanks and start using them in your business immediately, today.


Stop spinning your wheels wondering about what to write, these templates will prompt you with what to say and where to get the best results.


Some of the templates included in this package are:

  • Case Study Templates - stop trying to figure out how to structure these
  • Email Follow Up Templates - how to build a responsive know, like and trust relationship
  • Free Report Templates - to use as great incentives for list building
  • List Building Checklist - Step by step training
  • Opt in page Template - No need to struggle with this essential list building tool
  • Opt in Video Script - Tried and tested script that works
  • Testimonial Template - Let your fans rave about you
  • Thank You Page Template - Reassure your prospects that you have their interests at heart.

All of these fill-in-the-blank templates can be yours now!


Imagine not having to start from scratch. Think of the time you will save, not to mention, how many targeted prospects you could start getting on your list asap.


Frankly these templates are the backbone of my marketing efforts.


They are all based upon  tactics that are working right now.

And the best part is very few people have them - so you will be able to stand out in your market, effortlessly.


Here are even more secrets I reveal in the eight plus videos of training...

  • The secret way to get more and more people subscribing to your lists.  (And how to make sure they stay with you Page 13 of the Email Marketing Battle Plan)

  • Why it's a big mistake to rely on social media for your following. (Understand the difference between owning and renting a list, Video 2)

  • Which is better - highlighting the pain or the gain of your offering in your messaging? (I have tested this in a number of markets, Video 4)

  • 13 ways to write subject lines that crawl right into peoples' "psychology" (Do this right and prospects connot resist at least opening your emails and checking out what you have to say. See the Checklist number 3)

  • Is there a best time of the day for sending emails? (And the 8X strategy to exploit this understanding, My answer. Video 9)

And a whole lot more, including...

A (completely legal and ethical) way to develop know, like and trust relationships, (Video 5) ... plus if you do it right sales can't help but happen (Video 1). A laughably simple way to knock out winning bribes or lead magnets, that will have your prospects wanting to do business with you (worksheet Number 2 page 7)... and even...

A Bonus Video Creation Package!

Valued at $99.

If a picture can tell a thousand words... 


Imagine what video does!


Using video in your business is unbelievably effective and powerful.


In this BONUS Package you will receive:

  • Plain and Custom Designed Slide Show Templates
  • Case Studies Templates for video
  • How to Video setup
  • Myth buster videos
  • Product Review scripts
  • Event invitation, Interview, Product Demonstration, Product Promotion and Special Offer and Testimonial fill in the blank video templates.




The comprehensive leveraging "The Power of Video" special report which sets you on the path to having success in your business marketing using video.

Anyway, here's the deal:

This whole package is only $49.


All the training, all of the resources, all of the checklists, the reports and the BONUS video creation package.


Remember this training is offered to you in a mobile app version so that you can partake in the training no matter where you happen to be and have five minutes to spare. I know that you take your mobile to all sorts of places and in most cases it is never more than 90cm away from your side. So, why not take this training with you.

There Is No Catch!

Except there is no refund.


This List Building training is not for business owners who can't focus and never implement anything (while complaining about information overload)... Or for business on a tight budget (even though each resource in this package will only cost you $2.33). I only want you to have it if you will use it.


To be really honest I have made it so cheap because I want you to start to know, like and trust what I have to offer so much, that when I offer you something expensive you will jump at it.

This Is Truly A Great Offer So Claim Your Copy Now!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.




Peter Gianoli


You won't regret it.

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