How to make Fast Money by having Rapid Entrepreneurial Success! 

The Seven Trigger Guide to Extraordinary Marketing

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After a host of university business degrees, international internships, mentor programmes with some of the world's foremost entrepreneurs and 25 plus years of business success, I am now in a position to bring my extensive findings, practical lessons and key epiphanies to entrepreneurs like you to help guide you to Fast Money outcomes.

Here is the deal...

My name is Peter Gianoli and I am a sales and marketing strategist. Over the last 25 plus years, I have been working with clients and helping people grow their businesses by implementing marketing systems that not only work but can be deployed at will to bolster revenue as required.


I started my working life as a schoolteacher, but in order to get myself through university, I played football for money and started a small business helping people to get fit. 


I was a personal trainer before personal trainers were ever heard of. 😊


In order to prevent my clients from hurting themselves, I produced a fact sheet called “Exercises to avoid and safe alternatives”. Strangely, my clients kept asking me for more copies and when I got a phone call from the local primary school headmaster asking for 500 copies, the penny dropped, and I realised what was going on.


That fact sheet was being passed around to family and friends and bit by bit my fact sheet was positioning me as the "go to guy for safe and effective exercise". I was now seen by my niche as the authority.


I was wondering why my business was growing, with more and more clients coming to see me for exercise, and this led me to my very first “Marketing Epiphany”!


Epiphany Number 1 - "Positioning yourself as an Authority turns the equation around".

Clients come to you.

And hence my first Fast Money business lesson was born.


But that’s not all:


After having worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs over the years, I have been identifying and quantifying exactly what the triggers for Fast Money are.

And in this program, I show you how to trigger them and produce fast money and success at will.


It is routine, to take somebody from $100,000 a year to a million dollars a year. When you pull the right triggers, use the strategies that are in this program and another 30 in the system. When these are all-in place, you get to see your business dramatically move to the next level.


I do not care what business you are in; a pet groomer, a consultant, a real estate agent, a property developer, or a medical expert, you can utilise these seven triggers in your marketing to exponentially grow your influence and your profits.

Fast Money Triggers and How to Use Them.



The 7 most profitable ways I've used to achieve Fast Money through Business to collectively help generate tens of millions of dollars in sales between my own business and in client work. Here are just a few of the secrets I unveil in this program to help you grow your profits 10x:

  • A disturbing fact: Why 95% of people in business are wrong — and how easy it is to get into the winning percentages by simply breaking the rules. Page 28

  • A quick “crash course” in how people are hardwired to be persuaded. (I learnt this while taking a memory training course at Uni. And it's used by everything from ancient religious texts… to propaganda machines… to eccentric bestselling authors to naturally crawl inside someone's psychology, and persuade them to sometimes do almost whatever you want — including buy your business's products or services.) Fast money video #3

  • A simple strategy used by the AFL, Macy's, IOC, and my local butcher that can make your business far more sales while doing far less work. Page 16

  • How to give your product nearly “skeptic proof” credibility even if you're brand spanking new to business now, and nobody knows who you are. Fast money video #4

  • How Quentin Tarratino's movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” reveals everything you need to know about standing out in any market, with any product — regardless of your marketing or advertising experience now. Fast money video #1

  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to make more sales in your business by telling people NOT to buy from you. Page 11

  • A “magic bullet” way to profit from telling the truth — regardless of what your business sells or who you sell to. Fast money video #2

  • And the list goes on...

However, a word of warning:


This training product (it’s not just a book — it also has audio, video, and pdf’s) will take some work.


And, it does NOT come with a money-back guarantee.


If that gives you cause to doubt, then I suggest buying a more “conventional” and/or cheaper product, book, or course, instead.


(There are certainly plenty to choose from.)


Otherwise, to help you decide, here's a “sneak preview” of what you will receive once you have access:

  • A thought-provoking set of questions (as I did on my favourite coffee shop) to move your business from ordinary to extraordinary. (Page 8)

  • How to position yourself if you're just starting out and nobody knows who you are. (Pages 12-13)

  • How to seek a premium with YOUR products and services. Fast money video #3

  • A marketing positioning technique that will have your prospects see you everywhere, and sometimes even unable to get it out of their heads! (Page 22)

  • A super effective way to sell wildly expensive products with no more effort and expense! (Page 21)

  • How to stop competing with competitors by breaking all of the industry rules and creating your own category. (Pages 10-11)

  • The “Unique Positioning Strategy” that Cameron Crowe and other movie producers use (seen in many BLOCKBUSTER movies) that lets you get into the heads of your prospects and enter the conversation that is going on in their heads. (Pages 29-33)

  • An old franchise tactic that can line people up to do business with you – even if you are on vacation (and they will await your return patiently)! Fast money video #4

  • The “billionaire mindset” method to create assets out of everything you do … and also…

  • Why You Should Implement A Simple Powerful Persuasion Technique As Soon As Possible!

Let's take a short rest and talk more about this.


When you get your copy of “Fast Money”, turn immediately to page 13 and learn what I have personally found to be some of the very best lessons on entrepreneurship ever invented — from one of the top business people on the planet.


How to make money in the most “sales friendly” way.


That's one of the powerful things “Fast Money” shows you:


How to “influence” your market so that they respond and behave for you just like they did with their own mothers.


But we're just getting warmed up.

Here are some more invaluable tips inside Fast Money:

  • A sneaky way to make your receptionist the most powerful salesperson in your business. (Page 13)

  • The simple choice billionaires make between growth and expansion. (Page 9)

  • The world’s best renegade millionaires’ approach to breaking industry norms and the transformation to your income for every rule you violate. Fast money video #2

  • How successful entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout to multiply capital by leveraging assets and how to do this in your business. Fast money video #3

  • Three (3) key things all Fast Money entrepreneur’s master. (Page 15)

Just these three things.

Speaking of three things:


Once upon a time, I ran a Facebook campaign strategy that nobody (including the client) thought would work. But not only did it win, the client has used it as his go to advertising method all over social media — including LinkedIn (that done badly, can cost a fortune to advertise on). He simply used the strategy verbatim.


The result?


That campaign ran for several years. And, it made the client a pile of extra sales (and I believe they were already a $30+ million per year business).


Anyway, you can see the essence behind this strategy and know exactly what made it “tick” inside Fast Money, where I break it all down and show you how to apply the psychology of it to any of your pursuits.


Plus, you’ll also learn about this strategy and its secrets starting on page 24.

All right, enough of the multitude of reasons you need this.


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